The Building Safety Alliance

The Building Safety Alliance has been created to promote culture change and drive competence for those that are managing buildings and are responsible for giving residents safe homes.

The Grenfell Tower tragedy brought to the fore how the safety of all buildings needs to be ensured. Recognising the role they play in delivering safe buildings, representatives of both the public and private sector have come together to deliver the change in culture needed and the uniform standard of competence that residents should expect from those responsible for their safety. It is being set up as a not-for-profit organisation.

The Building Safety Alliance will deliver initially two functions:

  • The certification of individual building safety managers (BSMs) or Nominated Individuals within the BSM (organisation) (both referred to as BSMs on this website); and
  • A publicly accessible register of those certified by the scheme.

We will also, in due course, work with others to evaluate how organisations who wish to deliver the function of the BSM can be assessed as having the organisational capability to do so and how to assist contractors and suppliers to HRBs to deliver a competent workforce that understands how to ensure that high residential building are safe for residents. The Building Safety Alliance will play an essential role in helping to improve the competence of those responsible for managing buildings so they can deliver safe homes for people.

This website has been set up to allow:

  • residents to find out more about the role of the Building Safety Manager (BSM) and what BSMs need to do to be considered competent to work as a BSM in your building;
  • those who wish to become BSMs to understand what they need to do to be considered competent; and
  • those who need to appoint a BSM to understand what they should expect from a competent BSM.

If you wish to become involved or wish to be informed about our progress with this project please contact