The Building Safety Alliance

"As you will know, the past weeks have been tumultuous with regard to the Building Safety Bill’s passage through parliament. We have been in steady communication with policy makers since the government tabled its amendment to remove the duty to appoint a building safety manager from the Building Safety Bill.

We will, over the next short period be updating the website information to reflect this, however:

You will all note that the duties of the PAP/AP remain in place. This being so, we continue to put forward the case for competence where people and organisations are supporting the delivery of those duties. There is clear recognition across the sector that competence is essential to genuinely deliver on building safety and safer homes for residents. We are cheered that all those we have discussed the matter with, recognise the need for suitably proportionate competence requirements to be set down. We can confirm that work continues with BSI to develop the PAS 8673, however there are, obviously, elements that will require some re-drafting. The current publication date appears to be July'ish', but this will depend on any further developments.

As part of our wider work on the occupation phase building safety ecosystem, we are engaged with others to try to formulate models to manage the Golden Thread and Safety Case elements. These remain requirements within the BSB – more on this as it develops."


Current Progress

The Building Safety Alliance has been created to promote culture change and drive competence for those that are responsible for the management of safety in residential buildings and are, therefore, responsible for providing the assurance to residents that their homes are safe.

The Alliance continues to work closely with industry and other stakeholders, including residents, HMG policy makers and the new Building Safety Regulator to develop proportionate policy and guidance to meet legal obligations in regard to management of residential building safety.

We have a number of workstreams:

  • Assisting the British Standards Institution (BSI) with the development of a new PAS (Publicly Available Specification) – PAS 8673 to set out the competence necessary for those responsible to manage safety in residential buildings
  • Developing a Scheme, and the associated processes necessary to provide an effective basis for training providers to deliver an appropriate level of competence, and potentially, to provide a process for certification of those, (principally), organisations, (but also for individuals), who hold themselves out as having the resources and the access to competent advice suitable to deliver residential building safety management..
  • Development of a ‘best practice’ guide for those actually undertaking the role, such that they can fully understand what will be expected of them while delivering the function at each specific building for which they are appointed.

• Please refer to our news section of the website for regular updates and more information here

The Grenfell Tower tragedy brought to the fore how the safety of all buildings needs to be ensured. Recognising the role they play in delivering safe buildings, representatives of both the public and private sector have come together to deliver the change in culture needed and the uniform standard of competence that residents should expect from those responsible for their safety. It is being set up as a not-for-profit organisation.

The Building Safety Alliance will deliver initially two functions:

  • The development, with others, of appropriate competence standards for both organisations and individuals with responsibility for residential building safety
  • Potentially the provision of a publicly accessible register of those certified by the scheme. (Currently it is understood that no such register will be provided by the new Building Safety Regulator)

We will also, in due course, work with others to evaluate how assist contractors and suppliers to HRBs to deliver a competent workforce that understands how to ensure that high residential building are safe for residents. The Building Safety Alliance will play an essential role in helping to improve the competence of those responsible for managing buildings so they can deliver safe homes for people.

This website has been set up to allow:

  • residents to find out more about what the Building Safety Alliance can contribute to their safety in their homes
  • those who have the responsibility to manage the safety of residential buildings to be able to contribute to the need to ‘upskill’ safety management in the ‘occupied sector’, and to understand what they need to do to be considered competent; and
  • those who choose to appoint others (ie: Principal Accountable Persons and Accountable Persons), to manage the safety of their residential buildings to understand what they should expect from a competent provider.

If you wish to become involved or wish to be informed about our progress with this project please contact