Who we are and how we collaborate?

The Building Safety Alliance’s governing body is the Council. It is made up of representative organisations for residents, the professions and industry. There are currently about 100 organisations involved in the Building Safety Alliance.

The Council provides a forum where the whole of the ‘occupied residential property sector’ can come together, on a pro bono basis, to deliver the BSA’s vision.

Reporting to the Council is an Executive Council comprising the current executive and chairs of Special Interest Groups, all working on a pro bono basis. The purpose of the Executive Council is to make recommendations to the council based upon the work of the special interest groups.

Special Interest Groups’ (SIGs) will be formed to address issues identified by the Forum as matters that need to be addressed to facilitate the BSA vision and vision. The SIGs will be made up of recognised subject matter experts. There will be both standing and task and finish SIG’s. Standing SIGs will represent the views and needs of sectors within the industry, such as Landlords, property managers and insurance. Task and finish SIGs will be made up with cross-sector representatives to solve a particular issue. The first SIG is looking at the delivery of the golden thread.

To facilitate inclusion by as many different voices as possible from the residential management sector within the Forum, it is supported in its aims by Building Safety Alliance Ltd, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

Residents of higher-risk residential buildings

Residents can find out more about the role of the those responsible for the management of residential building safety and what they will need to do to meet minimum competence standards, one of the criteria the Regulator will check as part of their review of a ‘Safety Case Report’.

The Building Safety Alliance is considering how best to establish a register and certification scheme, so those responsible for residential building safety management can be assessed and recognised as competent to do so, and have access to all necessary resources to deliver proportionate safety management.

Principal Accountable Persons and/or Accountable Persons or Organisations wishing to deliver residential building safety management

PAPs/APs and Organisations who are responsible for delivery of residential building safety management:

  • What their competence requirements are and, potentially, what the process may be for certification and possible inclusion on a register.
  • Use the requirements of PAS 8673, which, if certificated against this PAS, will provide assurance that they have been assessed by a fully independent body which has oversight from a recognised 3rd Party accreditation body.
  • For those organisations such as RTM, RMC, commonhold etc, the Building Safety Alliance can offer you support in the role you may have as Principal/Accountable Person, and the responsibilities you will need to ensure are delivered ‘for and on behalf of’ your organisation – potentially by way of a new professional appointment to the Board.