What does the Building Safety Alliance do for you?

The information in this website is intended both to provide an explanation of the work of the Building Safety Alliance and to provide insight into the forthcoming legislative changes for:

  • Residents of higher-risk residential buildings;
  • Accountable persons;
  • Organisations wishing to deliver the BSM function;
  • Individuals wishing to deliver the role of BSM as an individual
  • Individuals wishing to act as a nominated individual for organisations delivering the BSM function;

Residents of higher-risk residential buildings

Residents can find out more about the role of the Building Safety Manager (BSM) and what BSMs need to do to meet the minimum competence standards, one of the criteria the Regulator will check before approving their appointment.

The legal requirement to have a BSM appointed will come into place once the legislation (The Building Safety Act) comes into force, currently anticipated to be May 2023. The Draft Bill (The Building Safety Bill) has to go through the Parliamentary process before being ‘enacted’.

In the meanwhile, The Building Safety Alliance is working to set up a register and certification scheme, so that we can assist potential BSMs review their skill sets and gain certification in readiness for May 2023.

Once we have the processes in place, you can also:

  • Find out if your BSM has been certified as competent against the right standard, called PAS 8673
  • Find out whether your BSM is included on the BSM register (this register will be ‘open’ and public and it shows all those people that are considered competent as a BSM. This means they have demonstrated they meet the minimum criteria of competence needed to work as a BSM. It is not a Register held by the Building Safety Regulator. The Regulator will have the ultimate decision on the suitability of the individual, and will take the ‘complexity’ of the building into consideration too, the Regulator can still stop the appointment of a BSM deemed competent in accordance with PAS 8673, as they have a veto.
  • Ask questions to our customers’ team about what to expect from your BSM and how and when to get in touch with the regulator
  • Make a complaint about your registered BSM


The Regulator can verify if a nominated BSM has been certified against the PAS and has been included on the Register.

The Regulator can also inform The Building Safety Alliance where the BSM of a building has been removed. This would trigger a review by the Review Panel and could lead to exclusion from the Register.

Individuals wishing to deliver the role of BSM as an individual and Individuals wishing to act as a nominated individual for organisations delivering the BSM function

Once the Building Safety Alliance is operational, candidate BSMs can:

  • Find out what gaps they have in their competence (combination of skills, knowledge, experience and behaviours or ‘SKEB’ which they will need to upskill before undertaking the full certification process. You will be able to find the self-assessment tool here. Until such time, you can use the self-assessment tool from WG8’s report.
  • Find a range of courses and qualifications that will help to prepare you for the certification process.
  • Find out what the certification process is.
  • Find out what the conditions are to remain on the Register, including adherence to the Code of Conduct and the yearly undertaking of CPD.
  • Join a network of aspiring and certified BSMs.
  • Find guidance tools for BSMs.

Accountable Persons or Organisations wishing to deliver the BSM function

APs and Organisation BSMs can:

  • Find out what to expect from the BSM and how they should perform their role as an independent BSM.
  • What their competence requirements are and what the process is for certification and inclusion on the register.
  • Use the Register to find individual BSMs in their area that have been assessed as having met the requirements of PAS 8673, which will provide assurance that they have been assessed by a fully independent body which has oversight from a recognised 3rd Party accreditation body.
  • For those organisations such as RTM, RMC, commonhold etc, the Building Safety Alliance can offer you support in the role you may have as Accountable Person, and the role you will need to appoint as a BSM – and where you can find one suitable for your needs.